Popular Types of Accessories for Babies and Adults

Popular Baby Shoes

Even though shoes are a necessity and protect the feet of babies, they can also serve as an accessory. The most popular baby shoes come in different styles and colors which make it easy to style a simple baby outfit and still have the kid look super dapper and cute. Popular baby shoes and functional and made with good quality materials that are breathable and good quality which makes the shoes comfortable for the kids.


Bare FeetPopular Baby Shoes

Though bare feet are not even in the category of coverings for feet, this is a category that must be addressed.  Too many parents want their baby’s feet covered all the time, but babies need time to wiggle their toes, feel the cool breeze over them and even do a little bit of nibbling.  With the fact that their feet sweat a lot, having time to air out, and then when they start crawling and walking, feeling the ground beneath them is extremely important for growth and understanding of their world.

MoccasinsPopular Baby Shoes

Moccasins are making quite a comeback for many reasons:

  • They are easy to slip on
  • Usually made of natural materials like leather
  • Allows the foot to breathe
  • Allows the baby to still feel the ground beneath their feet
  • Goes with most outfits

These types of baby shoes are, for some people, getting back to a natural root behavior where a child is able to be a part of outside, while not torturing them with hot asphalt or rough woodchips in a playground.  These simple coverings allow a baby to still feel what is going on underneath them, but having some protection so you aren’t putting band-aids on them every 10 minutes.

BootiesPopular Baby Shoes

A very traditional foot covering is the bootie, but they are now not just the things grandma crocheted for a baby shower.  Many moms have taken up the custom, and they aren’t doing them just out of yard.  It doesn’t take a very intesensive internet search to find patterns, imbelishments or people selling handmade booties.

Part of the reason why they are doing so well is that booties are a soft-soled shoe that works along the same lines as the moccasins in that they allow the baby to feel the ground and environment below them, doesn’t scrunch up their feet in any way, and can go with most of their regular outfits.

Mary JanesPopular Baby Shoes

Another great style that has gone back to the roots of the 1920’s styles and made them into new fashions is the Mary Jane.  There is so much style and versatility when it comes to these types of baby shoes, especially with little girls and their dresses or more formal outfits.

Many parents love these shoes because they don’t try to bring the toes to a point, thus not hurting or injuring a baby’s foot while wearing them.  Too many shoe companies are trying to make shoes that look like those of an adult, but a baby’s foot is quite different and shoe be treated very differently than that of an adult.

Pre-WalkersPopular Baby Shoes

There are many types of pre-walkers. In general, these are just shoes or socks that cover the foot and allow a baby to crawl around with a little bit of protection to the top of the foot, and include some sort of texturing on the bottom so that he or she can have a little more stability as they work to stand up and learn the basics of walking.

There are a few companies out there that would put a baby in a hard-soled and very structured pre-walker just because they look fantastic, but these types of shoes don’t allow for breathability in the foot, may restrict the foot to the point that the soft bones being formed are formed incorrectly, and cause pain in the foot over time.

If you buy pre-walkers, just make sure that they are loose and unstructured, allow for some gripping on the flow, but not to difficult to maneuver around in, and that they come off throughout the day.

SandalsPopular Baby Shoes

If your doing a lot of outdoor activities during the warm summer months, having a pair of sandals on your baby can be just what they need in order to get from point A to point B with enough foot coverage.  Because of the open concept, the foot is allowed to breathe properly, doesn’t confine the foot by any stretch of the imagination, and protects from many of the hazards that come with being outdoors.

Just be careful that if there is a toe divider or some other sort of structure that might cause injury to the foot is watched for.  Luckily, many of the sandals out there are not specifically made like our own, such as flip-flops, but are made loose enough not to constrict but have Velcro, which makes adjusting easy to do throughout the day.

No matter what type of popular baby shoe you might be interested in, your baby probably won’t be wearing them for very long as their feet tend to grow very quickly within the first 2 years.  Just plan on being very flexible with his or her current need, and then take then out of their moccasins, mary janes or sandals for some good old fashion naked feet time.